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No.2, Jalan Robertson, 50150 Kuala Lumpur

GMBB is a creative community mall in Bukit Bintang that believes in meaning-making by doing #MoreTogether with creatives, artists, artisans and the public. As an enterprising hub, we passionately aspire to do more collaborative work together.


Featuring a gradually growing batik enclave in the heart of KL, a bookstore dedicated to local picture books and a number of unique galleries, GMBB also regularly hosts various activities such as workshops, exhibitions, screenings and performances.


Daily 11:00 - 18:00

Getting here

LRT Plaza Rakyat Station

Monorail Hang Tuah Station
Parking is available in GMBB and adjacent buildings.

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26.02 - 13.03

Level 3

Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2021 Winners & Finalists Exhibition

See 56 of the best portraits from international photographers, including the finalists of the KLPA Canon Malaysia 2021 Prize


patricia krivanek.Marie.jpeg

Lonely Together

Lonely Together is a remote* photography project about motherhood experience during the Covid 19 crisis for women around the world. With lockdowns and school closures, mothers were called upon to step up and fight the battle within the walls of their own homes, often having to step away from their own careers to care for their families. As a series of environmental portraits, the project aims to create a sense of solidarity amongst women while also highlighting the challenges they have faced sparking a dialogue about the greater impact of these experiences for women in society as a whole. While each individual story is unique, there is a universal shared experience of caring for our children no matter the cost.

*All images were taken remotely from Patricia’s desktop in Kuala Lumpur through the lens of subjects’ mobile phones. 

kelvin.ahkian.018-2 hero.jpeg

Along the Shorelines


The Federal Territory of Labuan is an island located between Sabah and Sarawak also known as the Pearl of Borneo since the early 90s. With a population of 90,000, the island's main economy came from the Oil & Gas industry where a large portion of the island is dedicated to the industry and its infrastructure. With a rather flat topography, the Labuan island is popular for its seaside activities instead and has significant landmarks that commemorate World War II history when the island became a base for the British military during that time.


Despite its qualities, the Island remains unfamiliar to many people in Malaysia. As a resident for the last 16 years, Labuan has become Kelvin's home and he wishes to bring greater awareness of its existing cultural qualities to a wider audience. As the island's main residents are close to the shoreline, the project intends to depict the island landscape and daily activities along the 56kms of roads around the island.


Ardhanarishvara - In Search of Union


In Hindu mythology, Ardhanarishvara is one of Shiva’s forms in which he appears with his wife Parvarti together as one body. This half-male and half-female form unite their two cosmic forces. 

In India, more than ten million couples are married every year. Of these, just one quarter are unions based on love. As a rite of passage to adulthood or as an alliance between two families, weddings are profound events for all of those involved, not just the bride and groom.  
Although traditions may vary in different regions or religions the search for the wedding partner by the parents remains the same.

The future bride and groom must belong to the same caste and practice the same religion. They must have the same educational background but it is allowed for the groom to have a higher education than the bride. Hindus, however, must also have astral compatibility certified by an astrologist. Moreover, age is a matter of great importance. 




"This project is called S(kin) because I would like to honour the feeling of being belonged, through the varying pains and sufferings which act as a link to our kinship. The series includes close-ups of my subjects to include their scars, tattoos, and body modifications, in a voyeuristic, unorthodox and deviant manner.


As we naturally transition into another phase of our lives, it is much similar to shedding old skin to reveal another layer of depth within us. Moving forward in life is more than just celebrating one’s strengths and admissions, it is also about making peace with our past.

S(kin) is accompanied by a short video of each subject.


This Fat Ass Is Mine, So Why Does It Bother You?

This project portrays fat people in a light in which their bodily autonomy is respected, giving them room to proclaim ownership of their bodies through a personal, diversified lens of desirability. These photographs were created to glorify the marginalised and offend the bigots. The mood? Fat joy. Despite society's efforts to convince them otherwise, this is a big fat celebration of fat people who are happy in their fat bodies.

Davina Final.jpeg

I'm Every Woman


This photo series is a tribute to the everyday women of the past, reimagined and celebrated through everyday women of today. Through generations of deeply-rooted patriarchy and misogyny that stifled the voices and took away the freedom and dignities of women, they persevered - their strength and resilience helping pave a better way for the generations after them. The very wake of women has helped us find our place in the world; helped us ‘Belong’.


We are the daughters of the women of the past, we are the mothers of women in the future.

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