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Q. What is Exposure+ Photo?


A. Exposure+ Photo is a new photography festival taking place in Kuala Lumpur city centre, which features Malaysian and international artists exhibitions at various partner locations. Started as KL20X20 in the year 2000, we transitioned to Exposure+ Photo in 2021 which was held in February 2022 due to Covid restrictions. The festival runs for 2 to 3 weeks with exhibitions, presentations, talks and workshops taking place around the city, encouraging public participations at these events, all in the name of photography. 

Q. When does it take place in 2023?

A. The dates planned are 21 September to 01 October, 2023.

Q. Who can enter?


A. EXPOSURE+ PHOTO Open Call 2023 is open to photographers of all nationalities around the world.

Q. Who are the organisers of EXPOSURE+ PHOTO ?

A. We are a small team of Malaysians passionate about photography and in particular, our mission is to discover young and new artists by creating opportunities to display and showcase their works. We believe in being inclusive in our approach to our programs to connect with local photo communities and also international artists. See About page for our profiles.


Q. When are the dates for submitting?

A. Submissions open in January 2023 and closes at midnight UTC+8 on 31 March 2023 unless otherwise extended. Deadline extended to UTC+8 on Saturday 8 April, 2023.


Q. Can I submit in another language apart from English?

A. Yes, we accept submissions in English and Bahasa Malaysia.


Q. Can I submit images taken on cameraphones and non digital cameras?


A. Yes, we accept any form of lens based image creating method  and also include traditional alternative print processes.

Q. What do you mean by all genres?

A. All genres in photography to encompass the usual categorisations eg. photojournalism, documentary, portraiture, landscapes, street, studio, conceptual etc.


Q. Is digital graphic art acceptable?


A.  We are primarily a lens-based photography event, and therefore we would champion this approach for the time being but will decide on a case-by-case basis.


Q. I am interested in submitting a mixed media with short video project. Do you accept this?


A. Yes! We are open to short video creations. Please submit them in .mov or .mp4 formats up to 3 minutes for selection.   

Q. How can I submit my project proposals?

A.  Photographers may submit their proposals on the home page of this website under the links for Malaysian or International entries. For Malaysian submissions, you may write your proposals in English or Bahasa Malaysia.  International submissions are very welcome! You may translate the website to your own preferred language using : and copying the website URL and pasting it into the website field.

Q. What is the submission fee ?

A. Malaysians RM35.00 per project, International USD$25.00 per project

Q. I am Malaysian, can I pay with bank transfer or cash ?

Step 1
For Malaysian entrants only, payment can be made by cash deposit or online banking to :

CIMB Bank Account : KL Photoawards  Account Number: 800-308-5670


Step 2
Send an email to us at attaching your payment receipt, name, contact number and email.


Step 3
Upload your image files and captions on the website here :


Q. What must a project consist of?

A. Each project proposal should have a project title, and a proposal or statement about your work, which is inspired or relates to the theme A Different Light. Please upload 10 - 15 images from your project, in jpeg format, 1,500px wide at 72dpi. 


Q. Can I submit work-in-progress?


A. Yes, please tell us that your project is not complete but will be finished by the latest July 2023. 

Q. How many projects can I submit?


A. Each photographer may submit a maximum of 2 projects.​


Q. Can I submit projects that have previously been awarded prizes or recognised in other awards?

A. Yes. Please tell us in the submission.

Q. How must I name my jpeg files?


A. Please rename your files to follow this format, in lower case : surname.firstname.number.jpeg

For example : James TAN will be  tan.james.01.jpeg

Q. How many projects will be selected for EXPOSURE+ PHOTO 2023?

A. Our selectors will select approximately 20 projects for exhibition form both Malaysian and International channels.


Q. How will the exhibited projects be displayed?

A. Our team will decide on the suitability of each project to match it to our partner locations. Selected projects will be decided case by case on the sizes, print materials and display formats. The arrangements will be final.

Q. Where will the exhibitions take place?

A. Our partner locations will be in Kuala Lumpur city centre and some satellite venues in the Klang Valley. We will announce our 2023 collaborations when we have finalised the selections. Please see our location partners ​for our previous events as an indication.

Q. When do I send in the high resolution or final versions of my project files?

A. We will request these high resolution files once the selectors have decided on the exhibiting projects around June 2023.

Q: Will any of the displays be available for sale?

A: If there are interest from buyers to any works displayed, we will put them in contact with the artists directly.

​Q : What are the rules with regards to copyright in the submitted works?

A : Copyright remains with the photographer, and we will only use the images in relation to the exhibition and promotion of the festival on social media and printed material.


Please email us if you have any other questions. 

Email :

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