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SITIS is an independent artist and collaborator from Kuala Lumpur. Her artwork takes upon a personal view of social and cultural issues; often referencing the Malay-Femme culture which explores the varying relationships between the Body and the Soul.

Having engaged with diverse mediums such as writing, painting, and audio-video as devices for her work, SITIS finds ways to arouse emotional familiarity through both visual and verbal suggestions to form a body of artwork as a means to challenge the norms of visual arts.


She received her Diploma in Textile and Fashion Design from the Malaysian Institute of Art in 2012 and has been busy learning and applying art in her daily life ever since.

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"This project is called S(kin) because I would like to honour the feeling of being belonged, through the varying pains and sufferings which act as a link to our kinship. The series includes close-ups of my subjects to include their scars, tattoos, and body modifications, in a voyeuristic, unorthodox and deviant manner.


As we naturally transition into another phase of our lives, it is much similar to shedding old skin to reveal another layer of depth within us. Moving forward in life is more than just celebrating one’s strengths and admissions, it is also about making peace with our past.

S(kin) is accompanied by a short video of each subject.

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