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Patricia is a Canadian-Mexican photographer based in Kuala Lumpur with a background in anthropology and humanitarian relief. Through her photography, she seeks to highlight stories that speak to the human experience, with a particular focus on issues that affect women and disadvantaged groups.

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Lonely Together

Lonely Together is a remote* photography project about motherhood experience during the Covid 19 crisis for women around the world. With lockdowns and school closures, mothers were called upon to step up and fight the battle within the walls of their own homes, often having to step away from their own careers to care for their families. As a series of environmental portraits, the project aims to create a sense of solidarity amongst women while also highlighting the challenges they have faced sparking a dialogue about the greater impact of these experiences for women in society as a whole. While each individual story is unique, there is a universal shared experience of caring for our children no matter the cost.

*All images were taken remotely from Patricia’s desktop in Kuala Lumpur through the lens of the subjects’ mobile phones. 

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