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Kelvin Ah Kian is a Sino Kadazan who has a deep interest in architecture and visual storytelling. He graduated with a Masters in Architecture at the Universiti Malaya (UM), Kuala Lumpur.

An entirely self-taught photographer, his photography explores the mundane and daily life in his surroundings. His work and study brought him to various places around Malaysia where he spent a certain amount of time documenting the identities of the places where he had stayed.

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Along the Shorelines

The Federal Territory of Labuan is an island located between Sabah and Sarawak also known as the Pearl of Borneo since the early 90s. With a population of 90,000, the island's main economy came from the Oil & Gas industry where a large portion of the island is dedicated to the industry and its infrastructure. With a rather flat topography, the Labuan island is popular for its seaside activities instead and has significant landmarks that commemorate World War II history when the island became a base for the British military during that time.


Despite its qualities, the Island remains unfamiliar to many people in Malaysia. As a resident for the last 16 years, Labuan has become Kelvin's home and he wishes to bring greater awareness of its existing cultural qualities to a wider audience. As the island's main residents are close to the shoreline, the project intends to depict the island landscape and daily activities along the 56kms of roads around the island.

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