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Vaneesha of #DepthOfV is a creative director, photographer and multimedia journalist, whose passion for advocacy and conceptual art inspires her visuals and their accompanying narratives. Using both audio visuals and stills, she encourages marginalised communities like hers to take up space through honest, unfiltered storytelling, in a world that expects their silence and erasure. Her hope is to create new alternative mediums of art, expression and discourse, to break the systemic and societal barriers that work against mutiply-marginalised communities. 

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I'm Every Woman

Reimagining everyday Dravidian* women of yesterday as everyday women of today.


Our fight is for each other, to each other we belong.

Through generations of deeply-rooted patriarchy and misogyny that stifled the voices and took away the freedom of Dravidian women and femme-presenting people, they persevered- their strength and resilience helping pave a better way for the generations after them. The existence of these women helped us find our place in the world; helped us belong. We are the daughters of Dravida, we are the mothers of the future. 

This photo series is a tribute to the women of yesterday, celebrated through the everyday women of today, who reap the fruits of seeds sowed in the past, while planting more for the women of tomorrow.

* Dravidians are an ethnolinguistic group of Indian and Eelam descent, who predominantly speak any of the Dravidian languages, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.


Production Team

Executive Producer & Creative Director - Vaneesha Krishnasamy @neeshakrish

Socio-cultural Consultant - Ramya Vilaasyinii Gopal @qvkrl

Production Manager: Sai Shivaanieswari Harish @sai.Shivaanie

Production Assistant: Diya  

MUA 1: Milashni Selvakumar @makeupbymilashini

MUA 2: Ajendra Chambers @ajendraidontknow

Hair and saree-tying: Kartiyani Palaniandy @Therealkartiyani 



Davina Devarajan @davina.devarajan 

Divaasini Devaraj @simplydivaa_

Diya @diyahatesracists 

Naaraayini Balasubramaniam @naaraayini

Premeela Nathan Nkiama @dr_premeela_nathan

Ramya Vilaasyinii Gopal @qvkrl

Rachael Shalini Francis @rachaelshalinifrancis

Samitaa Raj @samitaaraj

Sivaranjani Manickam @sivaranjanimanickam

Theyvapaalan S Jayaratnam @warwhorelian

Vaneesha Krishnasamy @neeshakrish 


Special thanks

Raenuga, Isaac Vijay, Catherhea Potjanaporn, Abhi @artbyabhi

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