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This series of photographs sheds new light on the borders within me - the liminal spaces between two cultural identities, the sacred and the mundane, dreams and reality. These dualities are the lens through which my truth is filtered. They are a reminder of my raison d'être.


My recent return to India unearthed a longing to further explore these dual spaces. There, the threshold between humanity and nature - the emotional and the divine - is a feather's width. Temples, like natural rock formations, emerge from the earth as if they’ve been there for millennia. My altar became the garden where trees like church spires rise ever-upwards to greet the heavens. I did not know where I ended and the rich red earth began.


In the style of religious diptychs, each photographic pairing presents a coexistence of truths. Life exists alongside death, technology alongside ancient rituals, and infinity alongside transience.


Shan Shan Lim is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Kuala Lumpur. Her works draw inspiration from a spectrum of cultures from her childhood in Malaysia and India to her bachelor's in London. She specialised in weave and print at Central Saint Martins, earning a BA in Textile Design. She returned home to Malaysia and founded her design studio in 2017.


Even though she has experimented with photography from a young age, she never pursued it professionally. "Borders" is her first collection embracing the medium.

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