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 GMBB Level 2  11AM - 7PM 


Dialogues In Motion is a series of conceptual montages created through long-exposure photography. These montages capture the expressive movements of hands engaged in sign language, presenting a visual depiction of communication itself.


Each composite artwork overlays various signs that are stitched together to form an excerpt from multiple deaf poetries, offering profound insights into the experiences and upbringing of the deaf community.


Inspired by the structure of haiku poetry, this project presents the artworks in pairs - a narrative where one portrays the poet's struggle, while the other signifies a resolution they have reached. By providing a visual alternative, Dialogues in Motion aims to challenge our understanding of communication tools while shining a spotlight on the deaf community through these evocative montages.

As humans, our ability to access external information and process it to form perceptions is a defining characteristic. However, the universal right to access information equally is not always guaranteed. Communication, a fundamental tool for perception and understanding, is often taken for granted, and its importance is intensified when it becomes impaired. In such instances, do we lose our capacity to be fully human? 

The deaf community, facing the challenge of impaired hearing, developed sign language as a means to attain perception. Sign language, much like any other language used across different cultures and communities, possesses its own grammar, structure, and eloquence.


In the hearing world, if the careful selection of words delivered with appropriate tone and manner have the power to move us intellectually and emotionally, so too can sign language. This variant of communication tool operates within a realm where perception manifests not through familiar auditory means, but through the expressive hand movements in space. This unique perspective on communication invites us to reevaluate our understanding of this fundamental aspect of human interaction.


Nic Sheum EXP+.jpg

Nicholas Sheum is an interior designer and a casual film photographer. His photography journey began with the realization that in today's digitally saturated world, instant gratification has become the norm. Seeking something different, film photography offered a unique sense of serendipity and tranquillity through its inherent uncertainty and mystery.

Driven by a fascination with abstract ideas and concepts, Nicholas frequently embarks on personal passion projects. The inception of this collaborative project stemmed from a fundamental question: Can communication be visualized?


With the help of a photographer friend, they have had the privilege of connecting with inspiring individuals in the deaf community and gaining profound insights into their lives through their poetries. His objective is to provide them with a voice through his artworks while also inspiring fellow creatives to seek beauty in the marginalized. 

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