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Transition from the 3rd to 5th dimension.

This transition can be first achieved in our mind, where fauna and flora fuse to give birth to hybrid chimerical creatures with fairytale-like forms and colours. These fish and these flowers evolve in the same space in order to enhance our perception of the world & transport us into a universe with a different light.

lau cabantous portrait_edited.jpg

Lau Cabantous is a photographer from France who lived in many places such as Senegal, Martinique, Southwest France, Paris, Italy and now Bali.


She uses flowers and nature to create surreal and dreamy visuals without manipulation or photomontage in order to capture the complexity of our modern world - such as ecological issues, pandemics, the intervention of humankind in nature and the genetic alteration of nature.

While being inspired by her surroundings and the urban world (besides art, fashion, music, and film) she also works with themes such as spirituality and its connection to nature.

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