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KL's latest boutique hotel. 85 rooms crafted exclusively for creative nomads. 5 bespoke suites. Located in the heart of Bukit Bintang.

227 Jalan Bukit Bintang

55100 Kuala Lumpur


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Bukit Bintang MRT



Forgotten Storeys

In Malaysia for as long as I can remember, the desire to save and preserve pre-war era built heritage has suffered from a general lack of interest by the greater public. This apathy has left many old buildings to fall into decay, with the most at-risk examples left derelict or are simply demolished. This situation is incredibly sad as Malaysia throughout its history has been a wonderful melting pot of cultures, producing a vibrant mix of architectural styles, ranging from traditional designs all the way through to eclectic East meets West fusions.

On a daily basis, we see these old buildings in their various forms, from private homes, places of business, and even official government sites. Many of these old buildings have stood for nearly 100 years or more and have become an integral part of the built urban scene. These buildings are not only just a built physical structure but they also represent a history of the people who built them, lived in them, and used them throughout the years.

firdaus herrow.hero.jpg


Mankind shares a common existence with Nature, and although it is often said that technology will advance human existence and development, humans are firmly entwined with Mother Nature. I see the role of Nature as a reassuring and sedative sanctuary, as I embark on a journey of knowing and believing in the Creator.

Using a series of multiple exposures as the main technique in order to create a projection of my artwork my process is 'controlled chaos' which, learning from experience and empiricism has taught me about the restrictions and limits of the technique. My process 'let go' of that order and control. 

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