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Kelvin Mah is an independent photographer and videographer. His street photography uses non-traditional composition to tell a visual story. He believes that stories can live anywhere. For Kelvin, creating images is not about documenting a particular time or place. It is about capturing what he can see and the way he feels about the moment itself.

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Seven Eleven

'Seven Eleven' is a photographic journey for Kelvin as he spends his after working hours, between 7 pm to 11 pm documenting the candid moments of the lives of people living and working in the city of Kuala Lumpur.


With the theme ‘Belong’, this project aims to discover how audiences will find their connection with his photographs, their connection with this city, and how they find a sense of ‘belonging’. Kelvin documents people who are living life on the sidelines. Seven-Eleven reflects the tiresome, and vulnerability of pure human emotion, these moments truly bring comfort to the artist, which gives answers to how he finds a sense of belonging in the city. A simple joy that one can find in the mundane.

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