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 GMBB Level 3  11AM - 7PM 


'This Place Doesn't Exist' is a project that looks into places with the navigation on Google Map street view, capturing the usual yet unseen and overlooked.


One mouse click followed by another, the journey unfolds and weaves the past, present and future of a place into stories questioning time, memory and perception. By challenging the materiality of digital images, the concept of photography and its relation to memory, the project sheds a different light on ways of seeing, witnessing and remembering.


joy chan.jpg

Joy Chan, is a Malaysian visual artist who works in visual art, documentary and installation based in Los Angeles. Her experience of being a Malaysian who moved abroad for most of her life has raised her curiosity in the concepts of space, home as well as the sense of belonging.


With a background in journalism, she dives into sociological observation and participatory events with film and video as her allies to confront perspectives and perceptions as well as to reflect on the personal and collective worlds. Her visual artwork has been featured by media such as VICE Asia, VoyageLA, and The Current Thing and has been screened and awarded by international film festivals, such as SeaShorts, Indie Film Fest, MOMA Beijing amongst others.

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