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The Federal Hill (Bukit Persekutuan) forest has a majestic presence in Stacy’s neighbourhood. Living in a valley below, its trees border the area and stand tall amongst the inhabitants. Most homes have windows that share a view of the forest, and it is from her bedroom window that she admired it the most.  The Federal Hill forest has always made Stacy feel safe, providing her with a sense of calm; but it was only recently that she realised how little she knew about it. In a way, Stacy took it for granted that it would always be there. These photographs were taken in and around the Federal Hill forest as part of her initial exploration. The forest was once connected to the Perdana Botanical Garden and Taman Tugu—before being separated by a highway—and remains one of the few sizeable green lungs in the city.  Named in commemoration of the Federation of Malaya, the future of Federal Hill remains uncertain as a large development continues to threaten its landscape.


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