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Alvin Lau.portrait.jpg

Alvin (b.1994) studied Business Administration at Sunway University before dropping out to pursue a career in photography. He has participated in a photography masterclass with celebrated US photographer Maggie Steber at OBSCURA Festival in 2015. He subsequently was selected to represent Malaysia at the Southeast Asian Masterclass, a programme backed by Goethe-Institut Malaysia, Ostkreuz Photographers’ Agency, Berlin and OBSCURA Festival. He has also won the Kuala Lumpur Photoawards, Asia Photographer of the Year 2015, as well as the IPA Photography Scholarship 2017. As of recently his work is being showcased at Jeonju International Photo Festival and Landskrona Photo Festival and Ilham Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.


Acacia Diana is a travel photographer, designer and a Canon EOS Youth Ambassador. Her photography is influenced by her architectural background and experiences in travelling to over 40 countries. She has worked with numerous global brands to create and curate lifestyle and travel images.

Amir Shariff.portrait.jpg

I've always had an interest in photography and over the last few years I decided to take it more seriously and start showing my images to the greater public. I am self-taught and have seen myself drifting into the realm of street photography or photo-journalistic style. A KL native, I enjoy roaming the streets looking for that elusive decisive moment, that candid moment of fun, mystery, intrigue, and mostly something that may make you wonder what’s going on or cause you to take a longer look. 


Ang Xia Yi (b. 1996) is a visual storyteller and multidisciplinary artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who works across mediums of photography, fashion journalism and graphic design. Her visual language is influenced by the multiculturalism and vast nature of Southeast Asia. In 2017, she briefly pursued her degree in Fashion Journalism at the University of the Arts London (UAL) : Central Saint Martins before dropping out to pursue her career as a visual maker. She has interned with London-based fashion houses, Hussein Chalayan and Xu Zhi during her time spent abroad. 

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Annice Lyn is a visual artist, documentary & sports photographer. A former national competitive figure skater, she developed her passion for photography while obtaining her architectural degree. She is the first female photographer from Malaysia to be accredited for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games and a co-founder of Women Photographers Malaysia.

Her works have been published by Forbes, Getty Images, Associated Press, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Guardian, Olympic NBC Sports, Malaysia Tatler and various online news and publishing platforms. Annice Lyn has been recently shortlisted for the Women of the Future Awards Southeast Asia 2020 and a current Canon Malaysia EOS Youth Ambassador.


Antoine Loncle (b.1995) is a Malaysian-French photographer working through expanded methods of documentary. Often using analog processes and materials, his work often originates from investigations into his sense of self and personal/cultural identity. 
In 2016 he traveled to Australia to undertake his BA in Photography at PSC (Photography Studies College) Melbourne. In this time, he has been fortunate enough to have had guidance from some of the country’s biggest photographic artists, participated in several group exhibitions, and had the chance to produce several copies of his first photobook project I’ll Love You and Leave You which was shot in Malaysia. Antoine continues to work in Malaysia on his next long-term project alongside commissioned portraiture works and hosting workshops on photography and analog processes 


Azul Adnan (b.1963) is a freelance photographer, educator and artist. He teaches photography at a multimedia college and an NGO for underprivileged children, and conducts photography workshops. Azul shoots photos for events, concerts, annual reports, corporate collaterals and the food and beverage industry. He also does travel, street and documentary photography.  He has had his photos published in magazines and newspapers, and featured on media websites. His photos are being sold on stock websites like Getty Images. Azul is a regular speaker at the annual Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival and he has been invited to sit on the panel of judges for several photography competitions. 

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Stacy Liu.jpg

Stacy Liu is a photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Working in both
digital and B&W film, her recent works mainly focus on landscape, abstract and
observational photography. While photography gives her a reason to explore, capture her ideas and experiences, she also hopes to create curiosity through her images.

Adam Daniels.portrait.jpeg

Daniel Adams is a Malaysian conceptual, portrait photographer who explores and blurs the lines between gender, identity and cultural norms. He also delves into the usage of social and political ideologies throughout his concepts, wanting his work to start discussions amongst its viewers. Along with the exploration of these subjects, Daniel also looks for the unusual and the not-your-everyday aspects to implement into his photography, aiming to recreate the surreal images in his head.


Fitri Jalil (b.1989) has pursued a photography career alongside his employment as an aircraft mechanic with local airlines. He has learned his photography skills through trial and error, using his camera to express ideas about his daily experiences. Fitri's personal work records social, cultural and religious issues using photographic images as an archive of his personal histories, and allowing people to reconnect with their heritage.


Jack Yong's works are motivated by his interest and fascination in the observation of science and technology and our interaction with them within our contemporary environment. He is fond of photography's inherent capability to "control" time in a fast paced world and function as an extension of his peripheral vision. Based in Malaysia, Jack explores the contrasts and contradictions of the delicate balance within urban life and expands the wonder of both natural and constructed elements in contemporary environment as a central focus in his artistic endeavours.


A daydreamer, fairy tales, folklore and tales from the past fascinates Jo. Be it is in the chaos of a crowd, or in the midst of the stillness of the night, Jo enjoys being where her camera gets to convey the emotions and stories of people and places she encounters. Street, culture and portraiture, Jo allows both her camera and herself to be enthralled by the tales each one weaves into a photograph.


Born and raised in Subang Jaya, Junad M. Nor spent her adolescent life between Kuala Lumpur and her hometown, Ipoh. With a passion and knack for writing and directing, Junad has been involved in numerous film projects. Her first short film, ODAH (2013) was screened at the 18th Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, and her first feature length film for TV, NOSTALGILA (2014) was produced for ASTRO First's Hari Raya Special. 

Since then, Junad M. Nor has carved a name for herself in the local film industry. Her latest works include Disney's Wizard of Warna Walk and Netflix’s Irishman #SICREVIEW.

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Cheryl is a photographer of socio-cultural and religious beliefs. Having lived in various places for more than 30 years, she has settled in Malaysia, a place where themes of faith and culture provide opportunities for her visual storytelling. Cheryl has a background in Historical Geography which she now uses to explore concepts of both tangible and intangible heritage. Currently, she volunteers with PUSAKA, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of traditional performing arts in SE Asia. Cheryl’s images have been exhibited on the street, in small galleries, and featured in local publications. Ongoing projects include explorations of Datuk Kong worship, Kuda Kepang rituals and vernacular sacred spaces.

mark morris.portrait.jpeg

Mark (b.1992) is a full-time photographer whether he likes it or not. Based in Kuala Lumpur, most of his personal projects are documentation of the repetitive nature of rituals in the semenanjung. For several years he has assisted with curation of exhibits at OBSCURA Photography Festival and was involved in the UNICEF workshop and publication of “Children Without” in 2018. He currently photographs for the Goethe Institut of Kuala Lumpur.


Shazni began his exploration into photography back in 2009 during his university days and continues to learn and experience different aspects of the craft til today. His interest focuses on the sense of place and the environment, which has given him opportunities to participate in various exhibitions nationwide.


Veronika Read is a photographer and visual artist from Russia, currently based in Malaysia. She started as a classic street photographer and transitioned into a more abstract approach and method in her work. Veronika believes that the tool or method of expression does not matter if her photography contains meaningful ideas. Through her work, she seeks to open windows to another world, which usually stays unnoticed unless it appears isolated in visual messages.


Vignes Balasingam is a curator and photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the director of the prestigious OBSCURA Festival of Photography. Vignesgraduated with a Bachelors Degree in Contemporary Music Writing from the University of Westminster, London.

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   [Featured Artist]

Originated from Kuala Lumpur, Nurul Munirah Rohaizan is a self-taught photographer who discovered photography when she was a business student in Dublin, Ireland and is currently based in Kuala Lumpur. She is Project Manager for the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards and is a committee member and contributor for In 2015 she was the assistant curator to the MOCA Fest visual arts team in conjunction with the World Islamic Economy Forum (WIEF). Munirah's works have been showcased in multiples cities, including New York, Berlin, Kobe and Kuala Lumpur. In 2011, she was part of the Cityscape Blog project between Berlin and Kuala Lumpur under Goethe Institute and was published in ‘Kuala Lumpur-Berlin, Kisah Dua Bandaraya, Stadgeschicten’. In 2012, her work was part of a publication, published by SeeMee in New York 'Exposure'. In 2019, her work "Life of A Commuter" was exhibited at Mt.Rokko International Photo Festival, Kobe, Japan.

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