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 GMBB Level 2  11AM - 7PM 


Aiman is interested in the power of storytelling via a semiotic approach to share his personal experiences of growing up into adulthood.

Before the digital era, local people used to place empty engine oil bottles on the roof of their used vehicles (often cars) as a visual language that the particular vehicle is for sale. It also specifies that the used vehicle just had its engine oil changed -a sign of recent maintenance and good condition.


Aiman utilises this symbolism which speaks volumes, to convey his monologue of ‘negotiating’ with reality and his phase of ‘letting go’ of things as he approaches his late 20s. Throughout this project, Aiman toys with simple interventions and displacement, reframing the typical environment, enabling the subject to be viewed as an open-ended interpretation and broader narratives of what he terms "personal-general" or "physical-spiritual".

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Aiman Saror (b.1995 Ipoh) is an aspiring visual artist looking to explore a new medium from his usual charcoal and paint. He acquired his Bachelors in Fine Arts at UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia and is currently working as a gallery assistant at Ur-Mu, Kuala Lumpur.

Set to become an artist at an early age, Aiman would often flip through magazines and comics, which later led to an interest in photography. Equipped with a painting major, Aiman used photography as a tool for visual practice to better understand form and composition which are fundamental to all artistry.

Taking inspiration from the works of Jeff Wall and Andreas Gursky, Aiman explores mundane subjects -often found objects- and works on them, experimenting with the element of space, time and composition. The idea of ‘randomness’ intrigued him as it would spark conversations depending on the viewers’ perceptions and views.

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