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Time 4.30pm - 5:30pm

Sunday 24 September 2023

Location : Temu House

49 Jalan 16/9E

Seksyen 16

46350 Petaling Jaya





Talk : Devil's Curry

Project Statement : Several days after my birth, my mother received a letter from the Eurasian Association of Penang, Malaysia. It congratulated her and informed her that due to my father's French heritage, I was to be considered an "A-class" Serani, seeing as my blood had a higher percentage of European ancestry, that I was superior to most other Malaysian-Eurasians. I was made aware of this shortly after a close friend was denied a position in the association due to their father’s Indian heritage. In recent years, there has been tension within the Penang Eurasian community. One that centers on the definitions of the Serani identity, and who can be truly referred to as such. As a people who proudly regard themselves as multiracial, when does an individual of mixed heritage become too diverse to be included in the community? Who has the right to define these identities, and on what basis?


Devil's Curry is a dish that is almost synonymous with Serani culture. It is a staple in many households, each with slight variations and alterations to the recipe. As with many food-centric cultures, debates form over whose is more authentic and whose is considered "the best". These debates over the authenticity and composition of the dishes mirrored my research in finding what can only be described as a "pure" Serani.

antoine portrait_edited.jpg

Antoine Loncle (b.1995) is a Malaysian-French photographer known for his work in documentary photography and analog processes. He pursued his BA and MFA in Photography at Photography Studies College, Melbourne. His notable projects include the photobook "I’ll Love You and Leave You," shot in Malaysia, and "Lines of Flight." Loncle's work has been showcased in various exhibitions including Obscura Festival, Center of Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, and KL20x20. He has received grants and residencies from Cendana, HausKCH, and Zontiga, contributing to his ongoing exploration of cultural and personal identity within the Malaysian context.

Devil's Curry was recently exhibited at Hin Bus Depot in Penang.

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