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Veronika believes there are not many personal projects in classic street photography about personal relationships with the places we live in, because usually street photography is very close to documentary and shall reflect the concept of common reality or “truth”. As a foreigner in Malaysia, she also has her relationship with this land. She also has her visions, illusions and dreams about Kuala Lumpur and its daily existence, as everyone else. But what Veronika is proposing is not simply journey into the world of her individual experience as a photographer but to propose a concept that all our visions of reality are actually an illusion of minds, and only the fact that we all agree to them, thus we call it reality. 


In her project “Dreaming of KL” Veronika captured the city and how she knows it should look, and her feelings about it. She went out in the evenings and wandered the streets, capturing rain, reflections, moments of solitude, searching for hidden life only she could discover. In many ways, KL reflects her personal journey through a new land - mostly a lonely one. Her favorite quote in creating this body of work is the popular saying ‘no matter what the idea is, tell your own story.’ 


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